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This website has been created to support the Maasai Village 'Olasiti'. You can give support by clicking the donate button above. Every amount matters and is deeply appreciated.

If you want to first learn more about the reasons why your support matters you can read more in the 'About the Maasai' section or get in touch directly with Benson Meoli, the Village leader, who'll do is best to respond to your questions!

Pastoralists worldwide are experiencing multiple threats to their existence and climate change is an accute threat multiplier which is posing additional risks to pastoralist livelhoods. Adapting to these new realities, people in the Olasiti village have been forced to make use of alternative income sources. Being located right next to Amboseli National Park, the main alternative income source has been tourism. However, as has been the  case worldwide, Covid-19 left its mark on the village too as it significantly reduced the number of visiting tourists and their for an important revenue stream for the village. The village strongly felt and still feels this absence of international tourists and is struggling a lot. Therefore your support matters more than ever! 

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