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If you have the financial means, the Maasai would be very appreciative of you making a donation. If you can't donate, please share the cause and the information of this website so other people get to know about it and have the chance to help.

Ways to donate:


Via PayPal to: 




Or via bank transfer to:


Bank Name: Equity Bank Ltd.
Swift code: EQBLKENA.
A/c Name: 
Lemperua P Leposo.
A/c No: 0740195595081.
Branch: Loitokitok.
Beneficiary address: p.o box 95-00209 Loitokitok.

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then the whole world


What your money will be used for:

In times of drought, the Maasai struggle to feed themselves, as their animals, normally their main food source, are starving to death.


Therefore, during these times of drought, the Maasai have to buy additional food.


As their own income often isn't enough to feed the entire village, the Maasai of Olasiti depend on your donations.


Your money will be used to buy food items, like beans, corn, or rice. In order to recover from the drought, the Maasai might also have to buy new cows and goats (as they often lose high numbers of them).


Approximate prices:


  • Bag of corn: 6000ksh (~ 60 $)

  • Bag of beans: 7000ksh (~ 70 $)

  • Bag of rice: 9000ksh (~ 90 $)

  • A cow costs between 25.000 and 30.000ksh (250 - 300 $)

  • A goat or sheep costs between 4000 and 6000ksh (40 - 60 $)

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