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If you have any questions, recommendations, feedback or comments for the Website, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.


If you have direct questions to ask to Benson Meoli, please contact him directly. 

Whatsapp: +254 723 032 649.


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About The Creators


My name is Mirjam Kuschnitzki, I have a Masters in Migration, Mobility and Development and have been living in Nairobi Kenya in 2010 and from 2017 to 2018 which is when I did extensive research on the Masai Pastoralist Community in Kajiado County.

During this research I spent much time speaking to Benson Meoli who is the chief of the village and who shared endless information on pastoralists' challenges, the Maasai lifestyle and traditions, and how their customs have been changing and will continue to change based on external pressures.

Benson made it his mission to improve the economic situation of his village. This Website was designed in collaboration with Benson Meoli to help advocate and raise awareness on the challenges Olasiti is encountering. 

Thank you for showing interest

and getting involved!

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