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Communities in the horn of Africa, including Kenya and the people from Olasiti village, are currently experiencing the worst drought of the last 40 years. The prolonged drought leads to a lack of food for livestock, which the community's livelihood depends on. As a result, 48 of the villages 226 cattles have died and more than 100 are in very critical condition (as of 21st September 2022). 


Please click the donate button below which brings you to the donate page. All donation go directly to Benson Meoli, the chief of Olasiti Village, who will buy food items for the community and fodder for their livestock. If you have more questions about how your donations will be used to support the village, you can get in touch with us.



Hello and Greetings from Olasiti Village. Thank you for visiting!

This website has been created to support the Maasai Village 'Olasiti'. You can give support by clicking the donate button above. Every amount matters and is deeply appreciated.

If you want to first learn more about the reasons why your support matters you can read more in the 'About the Maasai' section or get in touch directly with Benson Meoli, the Village leader, who'll do is best to respond to your questions!

Help the Olasiti Village by donating today
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